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A child’s social needs at school

A child’s social needs at school

November 7, 2023 petrocschool 0 Comments

Apart from teachers at Petroc reporting on academic achievement and teaching your child, they also look at their social and emotional intelligence.

Teachers should encourage students to develop healthy social and emotional intelligence in all curriculum strands and expectations to assess, evaluate and report on the curriculum achievement, demonstration of learning skills, and work habits.

Children consolidate their social and emotional intelligence when moving from one grade to the other.

Therefore, the development of these skills is vital.

Teachers at Petroc help students develop a positive sense of self, increase their capacity for using coping skills, develop and maintain healthy relationships.

And use critical and creative thinking processes.

Students must learn how to use both emotional and cognitive intelligence within their learning environments.

As they say, charity begins at home. Parents need to meet these needs consistently in their children’s lives to grow up happy, fulfilled, and reach their full potential at school.

Parent’s Role

Parents should make sure their children feel secure by ensuring they are living and learning in a safe environment and that the adults in their lives are working to keep them from physical and emotional harm.

Children need to believe there is someone who will go to the end of the earth for them, to show them they matter because they are loved.

Further, children need to know that emotions that overwhelm them sometimes are normal. They need parents to remain calm in their feelings to help them give their feelings a name and provide them with safe and healthy ways to express their feelings.

To add to that, children need to have a sense of power and feel independent when given choices or when presented with assignments that they can do with little help and when parents notice what they do well.

Moreover, children need to know that if they were not in this world, their parents would miss them, they need to feel their parents are glad to have them and can count on them.


At Petroc, teachers work with their students to help them develop learning skills and work habits that are achievable and measurable.

Teachers at Petroc consider student’s social relationships with their peers, their consistent group of friends, whether the students show empathy to friends and family, whether they feel positive about their relationships and experiences at school.

Students approach social problems, whether they complete their assignments and homework with anxiety or minimal stress, and how they manage conflicts with their peers for their students.

As a parent, you should also look into these considerations. If you have concerns, you may reach out to your child’s school to explore these areas further.

Starting a conversation with your school can help you find ways to support your child’s emotional and social intelligence development.

In conclusion, you should bring light to any successes or challenges your child may be having regarding social and emotional skills,  as schools sometimes mainly focus on academic struggles and success.


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