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Identifying the Correct Uniform Size for Your Child

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Identifying the Correct Uniform Size for Your Child

November 9, 2023 petrocschool 0 Comments

Purchasing the right uniform for your child that’s both comfortable and stylish can be cost-effective in the long run. It prevents spending on outfits that end up being unflattering and poorly fitting.


It’s commonly thought that determining your child’s uniform size is a complex task, but it can be quite straightforward.


Choosing the correct size can get tricky, especially when uniforms are categorized by age, height, neck, or chest measurements.


Moreover, consider selecting uniforms that not only fit well now but also have room for growth, as children often grow quickly.


When shopping for uniforms, whether at the school store, Kenya Uniform, online, or elsewhere, it’s crucial to have your child’s latest measurements.


This is the simplest way to ensure a perfect fit.


Here are the five key measurements needed for any school uniform purchase for your child:



To select school jumpers, sweatshirts, and blazers, you’ll need your child’s chest measurement. It’s important to take these measurements regularly, as chest size can change with puberty. Measure around the fullest part of their chest. For younger kids, measure a few inches below the armpit. For older girls, the fullest part might be slightly lower. This will help you find a comfortable size.



Measure your child’s waistline for trousers and skirts. Measure the narrowest part of their torso. If your child’s torso isn’t distinctly narrow, measure halfway between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the hip bone. Ensure they’re relaxed and not holding their breath during this measurement for accuracy.



Collar measurements are crucial for uniforms. Gently wrap the tape around the base of their neck, leaving room for two fingers between the tape and skin for comfort. A well-fitting chest with a slightly looser collar is better than a tight collar and strained chest.



Since height varies through school years, measure it regularly. Have your child stand against a wall, barefoot or in socks, with their heels against the wall. Mark the top of their head on the wall, then measure from this mark to the floor once they step away.



This measurement is specifically for the inside leg for trousers. It helps in choosing the correct length. Have your child wear school shoes and measure from the crotch down to slightly above the ground, where the trousers should end. Ensure the tape is straight and not too tight to avoid uncomfortable, short trousers. For skirts, measure from the natural waist to the skirt’s hem while they wear a skirt they like. Also, check the school’s uniform guidelines for skirt length.


Following these guidelines will help you buy uniforms that are the right fit and comfortable for your child.






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